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Who we are

Highly competent software development specialists with special strengths in mobile platforms, back-end, cloud computing, artificial neural network technologies and software architecture.

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What we do

We help our clients get the results they need on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date with the most recent and upcoming technological developments and a team of excellent developers.

Why clients love us

Our clients praise us for the quality of our work, our sound advice and the speed of delivery. They appreciate our ability to integrate with their teams and our attention to detail. At SK we carry a sense of ownership and interest in the products we work with.

Technologies we work with

A sample of technologies we work with: Android, iOS, Xamarin, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python, Erlang, multiple dialects of both SQL and NoSQL.



What matters to us most

At Slagkryssaren our passion is to provide you with sleek web and mobile applications. A modern web presence is a sure-fire way to raise an eyebrow with your customer or improve your internal productivity. Either way, you will be adding value to your company.

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Current and past clients

We have successfully worked with both large and small organisations in various industries. Here are some examples:


Mobile Development

We offer comprehensive app development across all major platforms.

iOS and Android development

Slagkryssaren has longstanding experience in mobile application development. Our strong team of developers work with startups and multinationals alike. We ensure the best technological and design solutions. We offer:

  • Objective C & C/C++ development
  • Swift
  • Unity 3D, OpenGL, Cocos2D
  • Xamarin
  • Android Java Development
  • Android NDK C/C++ Development
  • React Native

Work flow and process

Many of these projects have been multi-platform where the application simultaneously has been developed for iOS and/or other platforms. This means that we have experience in maintaining multiple native code bases and that simultaneous development is something we thrive in doing.

Windows phone and other mobile platforms

Windows phone still lingers in the shadows of the mobile revolution that we all experience and benefit from, and demand for this type of services is still low. At SK we like to stay on top of technological development and are constantly tinkering with new and small technologies. We love to help you get the most out of your Windows phone projects!

Web Development

We work broadly in the Web development & Web App development field and have a diverse offering

Web Development

At Slagkryssaren we pride ourselves on our efficiency and proficience in a wide array of technologies. We always aim to work with the technologies that best serve our clients' and their specific needs. Below are some of the technologies we use in web development:

  • HTML5
  • CSS 3 and beyond
  • JavaScript development
  • React.js
  • Backbone.js, Angular.js and more

Backend Development

Clients often seek our help with specific tasks in an existing framework. We have worked with all major backend technologies and in our endeavour to offer the best service to our clients we aim to learn and improve our skills constantly. Some of our strengths are:

  • Expertise in many different dialects of SQL & NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB, Redis)
  • Experience in a broad variety of CMS-systems
  • REST, SOAP, XML, JSON and more
  • Ruby on Rails, Django
  • Amazon AWS, Heroku & other cloud services
  • Nginx, Apache & IIS

Mobile Web Development

As the mobile devices in our lives are gaining traction and, for some people, are the #1 way to access the internet, the need for a mobile friendly web is imminent. We have experience working with responsive design and creating user interactions and interaction flows that really works for mobile content and mobile users. Below you find a selection of technologies we often use

  • PhoneGap/Apache Cordova
  • Responsive Web
  • JavaScript for mobile devices


At Slagkryssaren the best minds are at play, whatever the current. Come sail with us!

Slagkryssaren is a company for developers by developers. We understand the importance of taking care our talented employees and to challenge them with new exciting projects. We strongly believe in creating a good work environment where everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Here are some of the reasons why you will love to work with us:

We love to code: Everyone at the company loves programming. No boring lunches when everyone is having a heated debate on the latest programming related topics.

Learning: We have our own Tech Talks and other inspiration events to boost your tech skills. We also try to make sure our developers can attend awesome conferences and meet-ups!

Office: We have an awesome office in the absolute central of Stockholm with lots of great lunch restaurants and bars nearby. Employees have access to a gym and sauna in direct connection to the office.

Transparency: We have a very flat hierarchy and believe in sharing information with everyone. Our salary model is very transparent and beneficial for developers.

Social: We enjoy hanging out together, share a beer at the office or watch the latest sci-fi movies at one of the cinemas around the corner. Many of us are also happy gamers and loves to play a match of CS:GO or LoL at the end of the work day. Or why not some NES and go for some retro old school Battle Toads showdown?

Stockholm: Sweden and Stockholm is consistently recognised as one of the world's best places to live. Adding to that, Stockholm has a very innovative IT-industry and a vibrant start-up scene.

Open Positions

Software developer

We are constantly looking talented developers to expand our team. If you are interested drop us an e-mail here.

Minimum qualifications:
  • Programming talent and experience.
  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
  • Fluent in English and/or Swedish.
Preferred qualifications:
  • Professional iOS and/or Android development experience.
  • Web frontend development in JS, HTML/CSS, Angular.js or similar single page frameworks.
  • Backend development in Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, Node.js and/or Go.
  • Database development experience in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
  • Test driven development. Test automation.
  • Version control with Git.
  • Experience of agile development and related tools (i.e., Jira, Trello).


Share your thoughts and ideas with us, we appreciate any feedback

Business inquiries

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