Mobile app for gym members at Actic

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Mobile app for gym members at Actic

The story

A fitness centre brand with over 200 000 members spread across five European nations needed to enhance the customer experience. They had develop two mobile applications to help their customers stay motivated, set goals and encourage them to find new ways to exercise. The objective was to significantly improve the performance and technical stability of their applications and associated backend.

The challenge

We took over the development when the previous teams were phased out. The code base was large and time schedule short, this required high awareness and responsiveness. The main objective was to attract more users and incorporate all features from their web-app. To achieve this we needed to balance improvement to the quality of the existing code base with implementation of new functionality.

The result

Our customer was pleased that we in such short time could take over the project, increase code quality while adding features at a pace they needed. The previously unstable and slow development process picked up speed and gave predictable and plannable results across all functionalities.

"We are very impressed by the professionalism of Slagkryssaren and how they turned around our application at a critical point in time for us and our business."

Terése Pageryd, CEO Texas Digital

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