Global phone directory application

Thomas Cook Airlines

Global phone directory application

The story

A major software development company with more than 100 million active users each month approached us for support. They wanted to develop an Android messaging application for (MMS and SMS) able to identify, unknown senders, spam messages, and block messages from specific telephone numbers.

The challenge

Developing an Android application for a large target group poses challenges in terms of customizing it to a variety of devices and countries. As part of the scrum team we managed to develop an intelligent UI able to redraw the components in the view to correlate to the user’s device and phone settings.

The result

The application was launched to the target market and shortly after Slagkryssaren contributed to the launch in several other markets, enabled by the intelligent implementation of the UI. The customer was impressed by our contribution and gave us more and more responsibility in the project as it proceeded. The app started as a pilot but is now included in the core application of the company.

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