Simplification of administrative tasks for Ung Omsorg

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Simplification of administrative tasks for Ung Omsorg

The story

Ung Omsorg wanted to simplify the administration of its 800 part time employees. Slagkryssaren created a mobile web application that can handle all administrative tasks that their employees need.

The challenge

First we took care to understand how the employees of Ung Omsorg worked and what functionality they needed, for example when automating time consuming processes like - employee contract signing, job applications and finding work substitutes.

We then extended the legacy systems to work seamlessly with the new mobile application. Future development projects will now be easier to implement due to the solid application structure that we set up for Ung Omsorg.

The result

Ung Omsorg has rolled out the application across their teams and has seen big improvements in their organizational processes. The onboarding of new employees is now 100% digital which has made the organisation much more efficient. With the new mobile application Ung Omsorg is at the forefront of managing a workforce distributed across multiple locations and roles.

"We employ hundreds of young part-time workers each year. This used to cause a lot of administration with contracts, profiles and account details etc. It could take several weeks before a new employee was fully registered. With the new application most employees manage to complete all steps in their profile in just a few days."

Arvid & Benjamin, Founders, Ung Omsorg

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