Detect vehicle usage with Volvo

Thomas Cook Airlines

Detect vehicle usage with Volvo

The story

A major vehicle manufacturer active in over 190 markets worldwide with a vision to lead the development in the transport and infrastructure industry came to us with an idea. The idea was formed to cope with the immense pressure put on vehicle manufacturers to make vehicles more efficient and lower their carbon footprint.

The challenge

Taking the idea and transforming it to a finalized product posed various challenges. One key challenge in this project was to provide a product applicable for all vehicle fleets regardless of the vehicle’s generation.

Through implementation of complex algorithms integrated to various sensors in the iPhone an iOS application was developed able to detect vehicle usage without utilising the electronic system onboard.

The result

In collaboration with the customer we managed to develop an application supporting drivers to take informed decisions to increase efficiency and lower the carbon footprint of the vehicle. The result of the project also gave our customer a head start towards competitors, ultimately putting them in the forefront of development in the transport and infrastructure industry.

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