Supporting Volvo fleet managers with a mobile application

Thomas Cook Airlines

Supporting Volvo fleet managers with a mobile application

The story

A major vehicle manufacturer active in over 190 markets worldwide with a vision to lead the development in the transport and infrastructure industry came to us with an idea. The idea was formed to cope with the immense pressure put on vehicle manufacturers to make vehicles more efficient and lower their carbon footprint.

The challenge

Leading the development in any industry poses various challenges since it takes you on a journey of uncharted areas. One of the challenges was to in collaboration with the customer define the scope of the project. The massive amount of data collected by the customer posed another challenge in terms of implementing the desired functionality without letting the data density affect the application’s performance.

The result

An iPad application was developed to support fleet managers in taking informed decisions to increase the efficiency and lower the carbon footprint of vehicles in their fleet. The application was released to App Store and provided insights such as informing fleet managers which routes to take, predict fuel consumptions, and calculate CO2 emissions. The application further gave the customer valuable knowledge of understanding how powerful iPad applications can be to cope with the environmental pressure put on vehicle manufactures.

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